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Carol Anne is a Visual Art Practitoner and Art Educator who works in a series format to convey a sense of narrative and ever-evolving relationship from one body of work to another.  She was born in Scotland and spent her formative years in Malawi, Africa then in the United Kingdom. She is committed to continually developing and re-evaluating her studio practice as well as being a dedicated Art Educator who has held various Art Education positions in the UK, Asia and the Middle East.  She trained in painting and printing at University of Leeds and holds a Master of Creative Practices from University of Chester.  Her work has been exhibited in group shows at the Crocus Gallery, Nottingham, St. Mary’s Centre, Chester and Contemporary Art Space, Chester, United Kingdom.  She actively encourages all artists no matter what their age to take the opportunity to pursue their art aspirations. Currently she works contractually in China and spends the rest of her time in her home country.

Her work explores the construction of time, place and space from both universal and personal perspectives.  Her creative research examines heritage, memory, history and contemporary issues.  Influenced by text, video and imagery of both her local and globalized environments, she works in the mediums of digital photography, print, mixed media and collage, flowing from her responses to her continual visual research.



University of Chester, UK
MA Creativity for the Professions
University of Bangor, UK
University of Leeds, UK

BA Visual Arts

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