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Happy 2019

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Despite the world outlook in 2019 being uncertain economically, I'd like to wish whoever's reading this a fulfilling year ahead. I certainly intend to have one! With a new art series underway plus writing and teaching in the works - it looks as though it'll be a busy one.

I had a restful start to the year and brought in the New Year with a feast of homecooked food made by some wonderful people, shortly followed by my first nature walk of the new year in the desert which is of course my favourite environment. As we made our way over the desert dunes it was good to see that the local custom of Falcon flying is still active as well as a very thriving Arabian gazelle community.

Since then, January has been full throttle but I'm hoping to have some more of the same kind of reflective breaks during the year and opportunities to get some travel photography done. I'll be sure to be talking about all these things and whatever musings come to mind in the months ahead.

Happy New Year!

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