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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

This month my trip to Tibet finally arrived. I'd been planning to go for the last 2 years but travel's been fairly impossible within China, what with the zero tolerance policy towards the Covid situation. Getting there proved challenging involving a 48 hour slow train trip from Shanghai to Chengdu then Xining then finally Lhasa. The soft sleeper carriage on the train was fairly uncomfortable but arriving in Lhasa alleviated the memory of the journey there; then the itinerary began.

Here’s the outline of the places visited on the tour; Norbulingka and Drepung Monastery; Potala Palace followed by a walking Tour of Barkhor Street in Lhasa; Palcho Monastery; then the second largest city in Tibet Shingtse followed by Dringri and Tashilunpo Monastery. The highlight of the tour was a trip to the north face of Mt. Everest Base Camp where the weather conditions changed very quickly obscuring the whole of the mountain. It was bitterly cold up at that elevation of 8848 meters, but with a cup of coffee provided by the tour guide the chilliness of the experience soon dissipated. In fact, Tenzin the tour guide pushed out all the stops during the trip even gracefully dealing with a traveller suffering from altitude sickness.

So rather than explain the experience in words I’ve put together a video with a few clips from the trip, after all one picture tells a thousand words.

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